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Dog bed, dog basket, dog pillow or a dog cave? We explain to you which sleeping place is the right one for your furry friend and what you should pay attention to when sleeping for dogs so that your four-legged friend feels comfortable.

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Dog bed or dog basket? Find the best place to sleep

When they are not sneaking up on the sofa, the dog bed is typically the number one retreat for our four-legged friends. There the fur noses can doze in peace after a long walk and daydream every now and then. The selection of sleeping places for dogs in our online shop for dog accessories is large. We show what should be considered when choosing a resting place and explain the differences between dog beds, dog baskets and the like.

Which product type to choose as a dog basket?

Which product type to choose as a dog basket?

With the various terms that exist for our dog beds, dog owners ask themselves: dog baskets, dog beds or dog pillows – which sleeping place is suitable for my dog?

Dog bed and dog sofa

The differences between the individual sleeping places are, for instance, the height of the lying surface. Flatter, padded models are more likely to be considered a dog bed, a higher entry and higher walls indicate a dog sofa. For older dogs with musculoskeletal disorders, it’s going to make more sense to choose a flat dog bed or dog pillow. Young, agile dogs don’t mind the small step.

Dog pillow

In Hundekissen the borders are missing. they’re smaller than dog sofas and very soft. The advantage of this can be that the dog pillows are easy to transport and, because of the zip, the pillowcases can usually be pulled off and washed in the washing machine. Dog pillows are a good addition to tough dog baskets and a great option for a second berth in the house. In our brand shop we offer a large selection of cozy dog pillows in different colors and styles.

dog blanket

Our product portfolio also includes dog blankets. A sturdy dog blanket or dog mat is particularly suitable to take with you when you are out and about, for instance for the car box. As a 2-in-1 dog bed, it can be used in the transport box when you are out and about, as a mobile sleeping place when visiting friends or as a travel dog bed on vacation – a real all-round talent!

Dog basket

A dog basket is typically made of sturdy materials such as plastic, rattan or wicker. The big advantage: the dog basket is washable, easy to care for and represents an almost indestructible dog bed. Without a dog blanket or dog pillow, however, the dog basket is just too hard and uncomfortable. Even as we would like a mattress, blanket and pillow in bed, our four-legged friends are also happy about a cozy dog bed that provides them a feeling of security and keeps the cold out of the floor. A dog basket may be easily upgraded with a matching dog pillow or dog blanket from and becomes a fluffy dog bed.

Dog cave

Dogs naturally like to dig a hollow in their blanket and curl up to make them feel safe. No other relaxation area conveys this feeling better than a dog cave. Such an anti-stress dog bed isn’t only cozy, but also features a calming effect, for instance on New Year’s Day Eve or when there’s a lot of hustle and bustle in the house.

Some dog beds can be converted from a dog cave into an open lying area and are therefore particularly practical and versatile.

What size should the dog bed be?

The dog bed should be large enough that the dog can stretch call at it with none problems without the top or legs protruding. the overall rule is: Better a touch too big than too small. Whether a round dog bed, an oblong or square dog bed or a donut dog bed is irrelevant: we’ve sleeping places for giant dogs and dog beds for little dogs, from S to XL, in several shapes and sizes.

What material are our dog beds made of?

As dog lovers, it’s vital to us that our four-legged friends lie healthy and sleep relaxed. this is why we provide the largest selection of strong dog beds, which are made from previously tested, high-quality and carefully selected materials.
Easy-care, washable dog beds with a removable cover fabricated from polyester, pressure-relieving memory foam mattresses or reversible, fluffy cushions made of plush make the fur noses cozy and soft and ensure sweet dreams. A non-slip underside with fine rubber nubs ensures that nothing can happen even when jumping into the dog’s bed.

Orthopedic dog bed: the best sleeping place for joint diseases offers different types of orthopedic dog beds. But what’s an orthopedic dog bed? there’s no visual difference between orthopedic dog beds and classic dog beds. But the upholstery is different: Orthopedic dog beds have a high percentage of viscose foam and are used to relieve pressure when lying down. The dogs’ joints are optimally protected by the materials used and the spine is relieved as much as possible. As a health bed, these sleeping places are particularly suitable for old dogs and for those that suffer from osteoarthritis or pain in the joint apparatus. A viscoelastic mattress is also the proper choice for fur-nosed people who are at high risk of having a ruptured intervertebral disc. They adapt perfectly to the body shape, relieve pain and therefore offer a high level of comfort. Since warmth is especially pleasant and beneficial for four-legged friends within the case of joint diseases, orthopedic dog beds have particularly thick padding. Mattresses made of thick memory foam, for example, keep the cold out of the floor, while thick borders protect against drafts.

Dog bed: washable and cozy at the same time

A good dog bed should be easy to care for and comfortable at the same time. It’s very natural for dog hair, dirt and food scraps to collect in the dog basket. It’s only important that the dog bed is washable or that materials have been used that can be easily cleaned to stop odors. Our dog beds are made exclusively from easy-care materials. In many dog beds and sofas, the inner lining can be zipped out and the covers are easy to clean by hand or machine wash.